FINISHED!!!!!!I have been working on this for ages, and I really hope you guys like it! Larger size here (x) (you can see a bit more detail ^.^)
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まとめ2 || しまぷ ※Permission given by artist to repost.
Song: its exactly what it looks like.
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me whenever i drink something from a wine glass


"he gayed himself out of death"


the wise words of tumblr user bruisebird while liveblogging His Last Vow (via justaholmesboy)

#true facts of truth

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Sherlock didn’t need John to get his phone I mean really it wouldn’t have distracted him, a second later while talking to John he looks up and away from his microscope, I mean honestly, all he wanted was John to touch him

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Because first love is beautiful, a first love is a flower Blooming widely when spring comes – dazzling like a flower